Lighting cables are required in order to charge your iPhone, a power bank, or other gadgets. Mostly Apple users say that just one lightning cable isn’t enough. If it is damaged or worn, lost, borrowed, or taken, and also whenever you need it for charging it will never be there. Apple’s cables are widely used however they’re not exactly popular for their durability. If you’ve ever used one for an extended enough period of time, you’ll know they’re susceptible to fraying, and slowly degrading.

If you have iPhones or iPads with the lightning port you can purchase the cable with a lightning connector at one end, and either a USB-A connector or a smaller USB-C connector. The type you select will be dependent partially on charging speed. And also on the device, you’re planning to connect whether it is your iPhone or iPad.

How To Choose The Best?

MFI Certified

One of the things to look for when buying the lightning charging cable is MFI certification. This is Apple’s method for checking whether a manufacturer from a third party meets the standards of its company and providing safe charging to Apple devices or not?. Select MFI-certified lightning cables for durability and quality.

Shape & Length

Depending on the time and place you charge and if you are prone to using the phone when it’s charging, you may need a longer or shorter cable. There are Lightning cables that range between one and 9 feet. If you typically charge your smartphone while driving, you might prefer a cable with a shorter length to use in your car. However, if you have to charge your mobile when playing games on mobile or sitting in a secluded area away from an outlet, then you might need a longer one.

Most people are used to simple standard straight however some cables come with an angle connector that is right-angled, which can withstand more pressure and make it more comfortable to hold when it’s charging.


If you’re plugging in the non-lightning portion of the cable you’ll require either a USB-A connector or USB-C connector. The USB-A connector is older, however, it’s still pretty popular, and has an enlarged, rectangular form. While the USB-C connector is new and it is increasingly popular on more modern devices and is thinner and sleeker than the USB-A connector. The most recent iPhones include USB-C-to lightning cables to lighten the load, and Apple and the technology industry in general are moving away from traditional USB-A ports. If you’re not aware of USB-C, it’s much more efficient than USB-A and is able to charge devices faster.

Best Overall Lightning Cable

UGREEN’s MFI Lightning to USB Charging Cable is one of the most effective lightning cables available. It’s long life, slim design, and has the strongest connector reinforcements. In the end, its toughness, slim design, and a variety of colors distinguish this cable from the rest. The lightning connector is easily inserted into the phone case and provides secure connections with an iPhone.

It’s light and compact. Triple shields, the 24K gold-plated pins, and red braided nylon make it stylish flexible, robust, and sturdy. It’s smooth, soft, and easily bendable to the connector’s end, go now to purchase it and enjoy your charging in a convenient way!


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