Single board computers are not just limited to small and large-scale networking and security, but these computers are now very commonly used around us. These computers are compact, high-speed, low-cost, low energy consuming, and designed with countless convenient and connectivity features.

You can visit geniatech’s page for a wide collection of SBCs and order the one that fits well according to your requirements. But the question is, where can you use single board computers? So, here are some common and routine applications of SBCs that will help you explore new ways to use them!

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a network through which daily life devices can control through SBCs like sensors, software, and electronics. IoT covers a wide range of networks, applications, and devices. In these devices, the data is exchanged and collected with other devices.

The SBCs computers can make your smart devices even smarter by controlling and connecting them with other devices. It increases the device connectivity range and options. So, you can control your device from anywhere.

2. Arcade Machines

The SBCs are widely used in gaming applications by connecting with gaming consoles that allow playing the games with high resolution and speed. However, moving forward to gaming consoles, these computers are now used in gaming machines like arcades.

In arcade machines, the SBC controls the game, the sound system of gaming, the lightning, and many other features. These computers are an innovative, fast, and cheaper option to install on any arcade machine.

3. Home Automation

The use of SBCs in home automation is not new. These computers are being used to control home appliances and other systems like automatic curtains, heat systems, lighting, etc. Other than these applications, you can also tighten your home security with these computers.

All home appliances are designed to control from two devices; smartphones and computers (SBCs).

4. Flight Control Systems

The use of SBCs in the flight control system is a very advanced application of these computers, and it indicates how safe these computers are for safety and security features. The SBCs ensure the pilot’s safety in aircraft and also use to control devices like UAVs, drones, etc.

5. Robotics and Industrial Control

Automatization is a basic need of industries, whether it’s on the manufacturing level or processing. This automatic system not only reduces labor work but also minimizes the chances of accidents and increases the yield under human supervision.

The SBCs are used in both small and large-scale industries to control their systems and machines automatically. So, using these low-cost computers in their system can greatly affect their economic graph, and the automatic system is also prone to mistakes.

6. Music Players

SBCs are commonly used in music players and to improve other sound systems like in theaters and gaming. Many SBCs come in integrated speakers that allow the users to list clear and high sound without interference. At the same time, the large RAM and GPU of the computer help you store the large videos.


The applications of SBCs are a lot more than those enlisted here. You can use these computers to explore more networking and controlling system as they will not cost you much to experience something new. So, make your home more secure and increase the yield of your industry just by changing one device in the system.


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